Dental Implants

Welcome to our Smile Gallery. 

Please notice that all the pictures posted on this websites are from our actuallpatients. Nothing was uploaded from the internet or any other source except our Patient's pool.

These Pictures were taken by Dr.Yar and the staff , therefore the quality and the technique used are not as good as the professional Pictures you see on the  other website. Different Cameras over the years and the Lightning and positioning makes it hard to get Pictures with the same resolutions. So we have selected the cases with better picture quality from all the other cases.

74 years old man with missing the lower right bicuspid and the first molar. Two Implant was placed .





20 year old Patient with missing both laterals.



60 years old  male pateint with brocken upper bicuspid.

extraction , bonegraft with immidiate implant placement. 





36 years old female Patient with brocken tooth . the root was surgically removed and an implant was immidiatly palced with bonegraft. Three month later the crown was placed.



Day of the Implant placement

 post op 2 weeks later
   final restorations




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